New album = write, record, mix, master, design, manufacture, do press, do radio promotion, do social media blitz, book shows, pack the vehicle, kiss the wife, kiss the kids and…

Hit the road.

Right? Well, usually, but maybe not this time around. While I am continually flattered and flummoxed by the requests I receive from people to perform in their town, the mechanics of it are a little complex at the moment. There are a variety of reasons for this:

  1. I am the parent of a two-year old and a six year-old. While I am impressed by the ability of some other musical parents to stay out on the road for long stretches, I seem to be unable to be away from my kids for more than a day or two without feeling very incomplete and unbalanced. We spend a lot of time together and, as much as they depend on me, I also have become a little dependent on them. My boys have provided me a kind of structure and constant reminder that I possess a particular purpose in life much larger than myself. This may not be the healthiest thing to admit, but it is true. The role I treasure most in life is being a father. As much as the salty old road dog adventurer part of myself would love to pack up the truck and knock out multiple runs of both Coasts and everything in between, I am quite sure that, for the time being, the solo hotel rooms, long stretches of Interstates, truck stops, sad FaceTime sessions and even the wonderful hour + spent sharing music with an audience would never make up for the time lost with my family.

2.  I recently ruptured two discs in my back. To the best of my recollection, my average daily drive when I was in the thick of touring was about four to five hours. (This most likely played a significant part in causing the current problem. HA!) While my recovery is going swimmingly, I fear that, at the moment, even a week involving that much time in a seated position might leave me in an odd pretzel shape requiring an entire year of physical therapy to correct. 

3. I don’t make much money touring. I would love to say that I’m still happy to do it sheerly for the love of the game but, as reason number one details and I am sure that many of you might understand, I don’t have a lot of spare time to spend on too many activities that don’t produce some adult revenue these days. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to tap a few different musical and non-musical income streams in Nashville that meet my needs just fine. Ironically, I now get to spend a lot more time making music about which I am very excited than I did when music was my only source of cash. However, all of these opportunities tend to whither on the vine if I am gone for any extended period of time.

So, there you have it. I don’t imagine that things will always be this way, of course: My kids will get older, my back will stabilize, I’ll figure out some kind of work-around for the other stuff and get back out into the wild blue yonder for some gigs. I love to play and I have missed it.

In the meantime, I’m certainly open to taking on shorter, more intimate concert experiences. I will be playing some live things on Facebook (follow me here) in the coming months as well as some gigs in Nashville, all of which I will certainly let you know about . Furthermore, if you might be interested in hosting me at a private event or house concert, I’m still happy to travel, provided I can get in and out of your town in a reasonably efficient fashion with an adult wage in my pocket. (If this is something that might interest you, please contact me at hello@davidmead.com for details.)

As always, I hope that you are enjoying COBRA PUMPS. I am glad you are here. Thanks for coming this far with me. I’ll see you down the road soon enough, one way or another.


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